Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Doughnut Hole

I have a problem. I want to talk about a gap in coverage that's affecting, well, I don't know how many people like me. No, I'm not talking about Social Security–I'm talking about not being able to find Auburn National Championship apparel for 4-to-7-year-olds.

What's up with this? We grownups can find shirts which proclaim our school's invincibility in virtually any size and fit. Toddlers up to 4T are good to go, too–except that the "slim fit" 4T's I've located might fit an undernourished 2-year-old. But what to get for the rabid Tiger fan who turned 4 yesterday? Nada!

Yes, there are regular non-championship Auburn shirts out there. I realize he can't read yet, but that's beside the point. After waiting 53 years for our turn, we're ready to see the evidence plastered on every available surface, and there would be nothing sweeter this week than seeing that cutie-pie decorated in new Tiger togs.

Anybody have a solution for me?

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