Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Hot Water for 2011

A couple of weeks ago¬–months ago, whatever¬–when I went to take a shower in the master bathroom, I realized that we had no hot water. DH checked the heater and called Harry the Plumber; meanwhile, we started showering in the Shop Bathroom.

I gave HtP a key, and after he replaced the 2-year-old water heater, we had hot water.

For exactly 2 days.

HtP picked up the key again, and after he had a lengthy discussion with Rheem, the company okayed another new water heater. Negotiations about the mounting labor costs were ongoing.

Luckily, we had hot water while the fam was here for the holidays, but on Christmas Eve, as they were packing to go, the water turned ice cold. Once again, HtP called Rheem, who seem to be challenging AT&T for Worst Customer Service Ever, and reported back.

HtP: They wanted your address again, along with some other stuff. I reminded them that I was paying three people to stand around while I looked up all this information.
TS: So you gave them our address. And then what?
HtP: They had a whole list of useless information they wanted, so I just started making things up. I don’t think they’re going to pay me for the three guys standing around.

This morning, I gave HtP the key again, and this afternoon, I met him at the house.

HtP: I told them we need three new water heaters of a different brand—one that actually works. And I’ve been telling them how mad the customers are about not having hot water for their guests during the Christmas holiday.
TS: Good thing they don’t actually know us.
HtP: Yeah. Anyway, the other day they said they’d come out, but I talked to a different supervisor today, and she said they’re not coming.
TS: I don’t know if that’s good or bad.
HtP: And they're only paying for half the labor, because the heater's over a year old.
TS: Perfect. Are you gonna get another key made, or do you want me to do ti?
HtP: I’ll do it.

On a more positive note, Two-Joke-Limit surprised me today by fixing our annoying kitchen doorknob. I’ll be Googling “water heater” to see if anybody still makes one that works, and I have a nice new sawdust-friendly shower curtain in the Shop Bathroom. And we’re looking forward to a day, maybe in the spring, when we’ll have hot water again.

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