Saturday, October 23, 2010


If you follow Terribly Shy–and I can't for the life of me figure out why you would–you may have noticed a dearth of blogs lately. Specifically, I haven't blogged in 40 days!

I've had a couple of good reasons. The cat threw up on my homework. No–wait–that's the reason I didn't get that paperwork back to the CPA.

First of all, business has been booming. Also, being so blessed with work, I've been the proud recipient of a brand new repetitive stress disorder, and have had to let go of the blog.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are so last year, and I understand it's in fashion now for those of us of Scandinavian descent to develop something called Trigger Finger. Not interested in having a second breathtakingly painful steroid shot, I opted to have Dr. Bob, my orthopod, do surgery on the finger.

This is a pretty short procedure, so, when I called to schedule it, I was a bit nonplussed when they told me I couldn't eat anything after midnight.

We signed in promptly at 9:45, and then we began to wait. And wait. Now, those of you who know DH know that he does many, many things well–but waiting isn't one of them. I, on the other hand, can be pretty patient, as long as I have a good book.

And as long as I'm not hungry.

Finally, after an hour of listening to my stomach growl, along with lots of "comments" from DH, I got to go back into pre-op.

TS: Thank the Lord--it's quiet in here.

TS: So, tell me, why do they use general anesthesia for this procedure?
Nurse: well, they don't have to. You can have that or you can have a wrist block.
TS: Eh? I can have a–
Nurse: Talk to your anesthesiologist when he comes in.
TS: I should have talked to him before watching DH eat breakfast this morning.

Nurse: (noticing me sitting there with head in hand) Are you okay?
TS: I've got a friggin' migraine and I haven't eaten since midnight!!

Well, we finally got out of there at 3:00 and ate lunch at a place I don't remember. But I've been grazing ever since.

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