Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trust but Verify

Tonight, I cooked a lightened-up version of Chicken Cacciatore. It was an Ellie Krieger recipe, and it looked yummy.

TS: Hey, sweetie, dinner's not going to be ready at 7:00 after all.
DH: Well, see, you tend to cook things that are complicated.
TS: I'm very trusting! When they say 5 minutes of prep time and 35 minutes of cooking time, I believe them.
DH: Reagan said "trust but verify."
TS: And I don't really like to read recipes beforehand. If it looks like two or three short paragraphs and it sounds tasty, I figure, "Great!" Oh, dadgum!
DH: What?
TS: I forgot to turn the heat down on the part where you simmer. This is what I hate about cooking¬–one misstep and the whole meal betrays you.
DH: It's okay¬–look. We'll just do this.
TS: 20 minutes of simmering time. This is the part where I get bored and wander off.
DH: Niles, we're gonna make your mama a short-order cook.
TS: That's what I need to do–flip burgers for a while. I was going to do salad, but I'm giving up.
DH: Too traumatized?
TS: Mm-hmm . . .

It WAS yummy, though.

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