Friday, December 11, 2009

Checking it Twice

With the holidays well underway, we've been surrounded by scrumptious food for about two weeks now. I'm really glad I take a multivitamin, because I'm not sure you can actually get all your requisite nutrients from cake.

The other night, DH was sad because there was only one present under the Christmas tree, so we went out to remedy the situation. We passed the greater part of the evening finding all sorts of fun gifts for the grandkids.

Christmas shopping is one of those activities that tends to reveal our different personality types. See if you can determine who's predominantly Type C / Cautious and who skews Type-D / Dominant:

TS: (calling DH on cell phone) Hey--where are you?
DH: I'm in the back right corner of the store. I've got a basket full of stuff.
TS: (later) Wow--what is all that stuff?
DH: Well, look--I got two of these, and a couple of those--
TS: I picked out two coloring books. Oh, sweetie, this toy in your basket is for 12 years and up.
DH: Oh, I didn't see that.
TS: And this one's for ages 6 and up.
DH: Close enough. Our grandkids are advanced, anyway, aren't they?
TS: Wonder if anybody else has ever said that.
DH: Hey, look at this. Is this good for The Fred?
TS: OMG, it's perfect!! And it's pink!! But where's the--
DH: Don't even look for it.
TS: But I'm turning the box all around, and I still don't see a--
DH: We're done. Let's go.

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