Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Bittersweet Chocolate Thanksgiving

Our home office renovation project continues, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to see our dining room table in time for Christmas dinner. I'm happy to report that the Dyson is OKAY! We cleaned up the filter, and that breathed new life into it.

Now, finally--the fun part! Color Girl came by day before yesterday, and after I painted a few samples of various shades of deep brown, we selected a color palette of Lenox Tan, Putnam Ivory and Bittersweet Chocolate. It's a good thing StickiBun won't be here until tomorrow--he would be trying to eat this scrumptious-looking paint.

The chocolate color will frame DH's African Cherry veneer panels, and he's applying the first coat now, while I wait to see how my cornbread dressing is turning out.

Our friends Sweety and Mithu gave us a box of chocolates yesterday, so we're having a chocolate-themed celebration.

We hope you all are thankful for many things this week. We are thankful for the time we've been able to share with each of you this year, and we wish you a peaceful, fun and memorable Thanksgiving.


the roomie said...

That does look like a yummy color! Can't wait to see it. Maybe you should serve Christmas dinner in the new office.

Hilary said...

The photo in your post looked delicious, until I read it was a picture of paint.

TS said...

Roomie, we may have to eat Christmas dinner in there! I'm thinking we'll eat on the kitchen table, like we did in the old days.

Hilary, I kept having chocolate cravings while we were doing this.