Friday, July 17, 2009

No Naked Birds

On Thursday, I was late for work. I had phoned in with a really strange excuse.

This was the morning that the plumbers were coming, and they were bringing guys with jackhammers to destroy parts of the concrete foundation to move a couple of plumbing fixtures around in the bathroom. They arrived and began working shortly before I was to leave for the office.

Now, I knew it was going to be loud, but I have to say that the volume exceeded my expectations. I was about to take our two parrots from the den back to their cages in the birdroom when I realized that was a particularly bad idea.

The little room where we keep the birds has a common wall with the home office, and the entire room seemed to be jumping and roaring. Had I placed the little guys back in there, they wouldn't have had a feather left by the time I got home. Since we don't want naked parrots, I hauled the cages out to the foyer where there was minimal thundering going on.

Reagan was a little nervous, but Lolita was enjoying the vistas out the front windows and yelling, "Oh!! Hello!!"

All was well for the remainder of the day, and we still have two fully feathered friends.

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the Roomie said...

"Oh, Hello"--that's funny. What if they begin to imitate the jackhammer?