Friday, June 26, 2009

Wrecking Crew

DH: That was Grumpy on the phone.
TS: Oh, yeah? When does he think they can start working on the computer room?
DH: They're parking a dumpster in the driveway today, and they're going to start tearing up the room tomorrow.
TS: Oh, my--that's big news!
DH: Yeah, they had called early last week.
TS: Surprising.
DH: So, we've got to take everything out of the room today--desks, computers, bookshelves . . . oh, and I think I'll go ahead and let them demolish that bathroom, too.
TS: Mmm-hmm. What about all the stuff in the closet and the window seat?
DH: That's going, too. We'll move all the furniture and computer equipment to the dining room for now.
TS: Oh, that reminds me--are we having company for dinner?
DH: Uh, maybe we should just go out . . .


the roomie said...

If that was your reaction, I'm nominating you for sainthood.

TS said...

The angst is just below the surface.