Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teach a Blonde to Paint . . .

DH: What are you doing?
TS (brush in hand): I'm about to paint this door. It's been ugly for years, and it's messin' with my chi. Every time I go through it I think, "I have got to paint this door."
DH: Well, you can't just paint it like that.
TS: Why not?
DH: You haven't done your prep work. That paint's all chipped and the door's a mess, and if you paint it like that, your fresh paint will just chip right off, too.
TS: Oh, no . . . so how do I do prep work?
DH: You have to take off all the loose paint chips and then sand the door.
TS: Oh, my. So we're talking about a half-day project instead of a one-hour project. Do I get to use the power sander?
DH: That could be arranged.

Much later . . .

TS: How am I doing?
DH: You paint like a girl.
TS: I AM a girl.

Still later . . .

TS: I'm finished! What do you think?
DH: Couldn't have done it better myself.
TS: WOW! I've never heard you say that! I'm so happy--even if it isn't quite true.
DH: But it IS true.

Remember: Give a blonde some paint, and she paints for a day. Teach a blonde to paint . . .


Anonymous said...

Good show! Do you give lessons?

TS said...

Not yet.