Saturday, April 4, 2009

Patio Vacuum and the ChickSaw

Spring is unfolding in the Southeastern U.S., and the fine weather has beckoned us to get out and start preparing our vegetable and flower gardens. Making my gardening life easier this year are two electric gizmos which streamline some of these tasks--a blower/vacuum and a cute little chainsaw that DH has dubbed the ChickSaw.

The first one, the Toro Ultra Blower Vac, now known as the Toro Electric Ultra Blower, sat in its box for quite a while before we opened and assembled it. Once we did, however, I realized that we should have opened it much sooner. The blower comes with a bag attachment, so instead of just blowing leaves and other debris around, I can take that sucker outside and vacuum the garage! Don't even think about letting me loose in the woodworking shop! It's also great for a quick cleanup on the patio, e.g., to pick up the scattered remnants of a flower-planting spree.

Never did I think I would look forward to using a chainsaw--that just seemed like a tool that was better left to the boys. Well, no more! The Black and Decker Alligator can take out a little tree faster than you can say "I wish I'd never planted that!" It's electric, it's really fast, and it's sized perfectly for me, giving rise to its new name, the ChickSaw. I was outside operating the ChickSaw one day last week, zapping little tree trunks and hooting with delight. When I ventured in, DH said, "Sweetie, are you having fun out there?"

Indeed I am.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! May I come play at your house?
Sounds like two tools that I've 'gotta' have.
P of P&C

TS said...

Hi, P & C!

I really did a sales job there, didn't I? And I don't even get a commission!

Looking forward to Easter.


the roomie said...

The chainsaw and the blower/vac are the only two garden-related tools that my DH half-way enjoys using. I wouldn't dream of depriving him. Remind me to share the infamous chainsaw story sometime.

TS said...

I'd love to hear the chainsaw story, and I hope there's no blood involved. Care to do that guest blog yet?

the roomie said...

Let's just say it involved borrowing a b-i-g chainsaw to cut down a tree so someone wouldn't have to hire a professional; getting said chainsaw stuck when the weight of the tree shifted,then having to hire a professional to get the captive chainsaw out of the tree. It's not something he cares to be reminded of, but it's one of those stories you just have to share.