Friday, January 23, 2009

Husband's Little Hobby

DH has a couple of activities that occupy him during his free time. One is the playing the flute, and the other is woodworking. Often, after a day at the office, he disappears into his shop and creates beautiful things. We have a house full of exceptional furniture that he's built, and he made a round crib for the grandbaby that was really, really special.

I knew he was unusually talented when we met. He didn't have a dining room in his house--instead, he was building a harpsichord in what would otherwise have been a dining room.

For many years after we married, we didn't have a dining room . . . but all that has changed now. And the other day, after an eight-month labor of love, he completed the china cabinet, and we completed our dining room. Even though the photos don't do it justice, I thought I'd share a picture of the finished work.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And your lovely china shows so well inside. Look forward to seeing it close up.
P & C

TS said...

Thanks, P & C! I'll be working on birthday photos soon, too!

the roomie said...

Very, very nice. Love the wood inlay.

Jihye said...

It is beautiful! But still my favorite is the table in your doorway.
(Hey, our orange outfit matched your painting!)