Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Ought to Buy a Piccolo

DH: Every now and then I think I ought to buy a piccolo.
TS: Every now and then I think we ought to buy some land.
DH: Land?
TS: I'm looking for something that might actually go up in value.
DH: I'm looking for something useful.
TS: A piccolo?? You hate the piccolo.
DH: I know, but every now and then I think I need one.
TS: Why on earth would you need a piccolo?
DH: There's a piece on this concert that calls for three piccolos, but I can't play piccolo because I don't have one.
TS: That's because you hate them.
DH: I don't really hate the piccolo, I've just never had one.
TS: Lord, have mercy.
DH: Am I in denial?

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Hrant said...

hehehe:)awesome, i miss this