Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cookie Concerns

I am very concerned about the Christmas cookies.

Every year, my sister- and brother-in-law, Lou and Mountain Man, make their traditional Christmas cookies. Being bake-challenged myself, I really appreciate their efforts, and the cookies are so wonderful. When my MIL and I think about rolling dough, we both grimace. Every time I've ever tried it, there was cursing involved.

This year my SIL said that, because of time constraints, they might not do Christmas cookies. I gasped. Seems like somebody made the suggestion that I might do them. My eyes got really wide and a hush fell over the room. I offered to help, with the caveat that "sometimes people ask me to stop helping."

Anyway, our rather loose plans keep shifting, and the Christmas cookies are in jeopardy. What will we do? Will we rise to the occasion and think out of the box and get out of the boat and mix up cookie dough and our metaphors?

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