Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Would You Karaoke?

Today, my friend Dilana asked me, "Do you know where I could get some karaoke music?" Immediately I replied, "Uhh . . . "

She has a teenage relative who's getting a karaoke machine, and Dilana thought she'd get the young lady some karaoke music for Christmas. Apparently, a karaoke machine is a device that plays music and shows you the lyrics so that you can sing along with the background music. Many people do this in public.

"Uh, maybe you could find it online?"

Now, I think it's a good sign that she thought I might know the whereabouts of some karaoke music. This implies that I might be Fun, and I'm not sure if I've been viewed as Fun before. The truth is, however, that I would never get up and sing with a machine in front of people, unless I were extremely intoxicated, and I hope that won't be happening anytime soon.

Dilana continued, "Oh, I'll do it in a heartbeat, if it's just in front of my friends."

I mentally reviewed my list of close friends, which didn't take long, and I'm not sure any of them has ever been around a karaoke machine, either. We could take an unscientific poll. I do have a new friend, a classical violinist, who says she does karaoke, but she actually is Fun and outgoing. She says you don't have to be drinking to do it, but it helps.

Back to Dilana: "One time, a bunch of us girls were up there, and we were acting like we were the Supremes! Our friends said we certainly weren't the Supremes, though."


dilana said...

Hi! I got some great music to play with on New Year's Eve! I'll have to let you know if we get any contract offers. See ya!

Dilana ;)

TS said...

My friend Dilana is Way Fun.