Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday Depression

This is a tough day for me.

It's Halloween.

By some cruel twist of fate, the consumption of chocolate gives me headaches--bad ones. Now, sometimes it's worth it, but people in my position have to use their Chocolate Days judiciously. So at the end of October every year, I go to the door and pass out a couple of Butterfingers and a box of Milk Duds, and I eat a Rolo. Then after the next group, I eat a snack-sized KitKat Bar (I'm definitely willing to suffer for a KitKat).

It's true that I shouldn't feel sorry for myself--other folks get the holiday blues, and we all deal with it in our own way. Anyway, it'll all be over soon, but tomorrow I pay.

As previously mentioned, sometimes it's worth it.

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"MommaDrool" said...

Go ahead, eat another Kit-Kat for me...I ate a pack of M&M's out of The Fred's Halloween basket! I will call you tomorrow, so we can go through the chocolate withdrawals and migraine pain together...