Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dial 401-JERK (from the archives)

Dear Friends and Fam,

We are leaving our cheap-as-dirt pay-as-you-go cell phone network and moving up to a Real Cell Phone Company. DH decided he wanted a phone that actually worked, and his music gigs are requiring him to come up with a calendar system, as well. Both old and new numbers are working, for about a week.

We activated the new phones today, and it went like this:

TS: Want me to help set up your password? It'll take about 2 seconds.
DH: Not right now.

/[later]/ TS: Want to set up your phone now?
DH: Not right this second.

/[later]/ DH: Uh-oh.
TS: What?
DH: I just locked my phone. How do I unlock it?
TS: You can't--you need a password.

/[much, much later]/ TS: Okay, it's fixed. What do you want for your password?
DH: J-E-R-K.
TS: Good answer.
DH: I will never disobey you again.

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