Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Have a Toolbox and I Don't

Conversations with the grandkids are so much fun. Their vocabularies are expanding wildly, so sometimes you find yourself having a nearly-grown up conversation with them, only to be suddenly reminded that they're five. Or seven.

(back in April)
Little Man: When we get home, the first thing I want to do is get into the pool.
DH: The pool's too cold, buddy.
LM: No, it isn't. It's not too cold, Grandpa! And if my teeth start to chatter, it's not because I'm cold--it's just because I'm jealous.
TS: You're jealous? Like--what?
LM: Yeah, you know--jealous. Just a little jealous.

LittleMan: Mmm--this fruit punch is yummy! What are you drinking, Grandpa?
DH: Water. You should drink water sometimes, buddy. It's better than putting all that sugar in your system.
LM: I'm not putting any sugar in my sister. She doesn't drink water, either.

LM: Nana, I'll put up your nail polish for you.
TS: Okay-thank you, buddy. It goes in that little drawer there.
LM: Nana, is this all of your nail polish?
TS: Well, no. Nana loves nail polish. I actually have a bunch more.
LM: Where is it, Nana?
TS: Oh. Well… it's sort of in a toolbox.
TS: I know--I know. Having a bunch of nail polish in a tool box is--
LM: You have a toolbox, and I don't???

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