Sunday, June 12, 2011

Precision Body & Paint

The other day, a new toy arrived in the mail (oohhh . . . new tools); it was a tanning airbrush kit from Paasch Airbrush Co. I was very excited to use it with my new jug of Ocean tanning solution.

DH: I'll change the pressure on the compressor–I don't want you doing it.
TS: So, you mean I've got to come get you to adjust the pressure every time I want to do this?
DH: You look downcast. Yes, and you're gonna have to come get me to spray you, anyway.
TS: I can't do it myself?
DH: Well, how are you going to spray your back, and the back of your legs?
TS: Well . . .
DH: Trust me; I'm a doctor. You ready?
TS: I've gotta put goop on my hands and feet. Here are the instructions for the airbrush.
DH: Don't need 'em.
TS: Oops--nevermind--this is the paperwork from Precision Body & Paint.

A few minutes later:

DH: I found a new trick; I just bled the pressure out of the compressor until it hit 20. There you go; that's looking good.
TS: Now, remember, the color doesn't really show up for a couple of hours.
DH: Oh, really?
TS: What was that noise? That sounded like a door.
DH: Oh, that's probably Two-Joke Limit.
TS: Two-Joke Limit's here? Why didn't you tell me he was coming??
DH: I forgot. What's the big deal?
TS: Sweetie, nobody wants to see Grandma in a bikini!!

TJL: How's the new tan?
TS: It's great! A little warmth, a little glow. Doesn't smell. Just what I wanted.
DH: Yeah, you don't look quite as pasty as you did.
TS: Nice work, sweetie.
DH: It's just like spraying furniture.

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