Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not Listening Can Cost You

The day after the accident, we had one of those conversations whose tone every husband and wife will recognize:


TS: So, when are we going to pick up the rental car?
DH: Oh, I'm not going to fool with that today. We'll do it tomorrow.
TS: We're going tomorrow?
DH: Yeah.
TS: So they're open on Saturday?
DH: Oh, yeah!
TS: On the Memorial Day weekend?
DH: Oh, yeah.


Pappy: There's something wrong with the Infiniti.
TS: Oh, no. He thought it was doing something weird yesterday.
Pappy: I can't get it to start.
TS: Ah. So we're down to zero cars now.
DH: The Enterprise near us isn't open today.
Mommadrool: Here--the one out near the airport is open; we'll take you.
TS: So glad you dropped by!

(still later; back from Enterprise)

TS: Not listening to me cost you $271.00.
DH: Huh??
TS: Well, that's not strictly true, but it was fun to say it.

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