Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ready to Paint / The Pantry's Bare

I'm happy to report that the new home office is ready for its first coat of Lenox Tan paint! In his so-called spare time, DH has done all the woodwork in the room, with the exception of framing out the ceiling. Papa C, who had helped install the plywood on the "short walls," came over last weekend and provided valuable assistance with framing out the doors and trimming the underside of the doors to prepare them for the new tile flooring.

The home office itself will have Tigerwood flooring along with cherry cabinetry and shelving.

As often happens with home renovation projects, the office makeover spilled out into the kitchen, which is also getting a new coat of paint and new tile. Consequently, we have emptied the pantry and moved its contents to various other spaces in the house. I just hope we can find the peanut butter and the cereal.