Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Of our little home office project, DH said that things would be changing rapidly now, and he was right. The painters are finishing up, the hardwood floor is just a few hours old, they're sealing the tile on Thursday, and on Friday we get electricians!

Lately we've enjoyed watching pedestrians stroll by and glance inside to check on our progress. You see, we're in a sort of fish bowl right now, since we have this big naked picture window displaying the goings-on in the kitchen.

Reagan and Lolita were living in the walk-in closet last week, and this morning I rolled them into the foyer. The cats are still comfortably appointed in the guest room. Occasionally they walk through the office and loudly meow their approval--or disapproval--we're not sure which. Frasier's had quite a few comments on the Tigerwood flooring today.

And I'm learning things, or at least making an effort to learn things. I visit with the various crews before going to work each day. Just this morning, for example, I heard a new term from Ted, one of the painters.

TS: My husband wanted me to remind you guys that there's another door out on the patio. It just needs one side painted.
Ted: Oh, well, we'll be dipping all the doors, so it'll get painted on both sides.
TS: (calling DH) They say they're going to dip the doors. What on earth will they be dipping them in?

When I got home, they were outside stripping the doors. I'm still trying to figure out if you dip them to strip them, or to paint them, or what. Perhaps a kind reader can enlighten me.


the roomie said...

Looks great! Anxious to see pics of the finished product.

the roomie said...

Looks great. Love the decorative tiles. Can't wait to see the pictures when it's all finished.

the roomie said...

Just wanted to make it very clear that my memory is not so bad that I forgot I posted and posted again--LOL. The first one never showed up, so I reposted later. But, the office looks good enough to be complimented twice! Great job TS and DH!

TS said...

Oh, no matter! We love compliments. I guess we can't complain too much if it takes a while for comments to be posted. After all, Blogger is free!!

We are so happy in the new room. It has great natural light--especially so since we don't have drapes yet!!

Ben said...

Wow. I don't think I'd recognize the place. So impressed!

TS said...

Hey, Ben! We don't recognize it either! It has great acoustics.