Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sheetrock & Roll

The home office renovation continues, and we've seen some real progress the past two weeks! Weekend before last, Papa C came over and helped with "skinning" the short walls with birch plywood. (Now, I can see bookshelves in my mind's eye, kinda sorta.)

Last Thursday, DH assisted 'Puter Dude with running computer power and network cables in the walls. We're trying to minimize the tangle of cords that one usually sees in such a habitat. Dear Husband had a couple of questions, but 'Puter Dude said, "I don't ask you questions about teeth, so don't ask me questions about Cat 5." He also mentioned that he may masquerade as Glenn Beck for Halloween.

Tonight we've been clamping an arched door together. (We needed a little more stress in our lives today. I'm in the other end of the house, so ideally, if one of the clamps falls off, I won't hear it clatter to the floor.)

It almost seems too good to be true, but the Sheetrock guys are coming on Friday!

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