Friday, October 23, 2009

The NanaCure

The grands were in town for a bit, so we went out for sushi and fried rice.

(During lunch, I observed once again that sometimes StickiBun reminds me of his grandfather--for example, when he's eating soup and he picks out every single one of the carrot pieces and gives them to me.)

Anyway, after lunch we left the restaurant, and we were passing by the nail salon next door. DH, who I think is the author of Fun, asked if The Fred would like to have her nails painted.

The nail salon is a family business that Mommadrool used to visit when she lived here. They hadn't seen my DIL since she was preggers with The Fred! They were wonderful with the kids.

I got a manicure, too, or a NanaCure, as DH called it. StickiBun was very cute and well-behaved, although he did, unfortunately, find a water fountain in the back of the salon.

This was a real luxury for me. I don't get manicures, because I am not good at sitting still for extended periods of time. I did go through my acrylic period a number of years ago, but after that I did my own nails. Or I thought I did. Looking at my hands today, I'm not sure what I was doing, because they didn't look nearly this good.

The nice man who worked on The Fred's nails really did a little masterpiece . . . we thought she'd end up with pretty pink fingernails, but he painted a veritable floral arrangement on her fingertips. We took some photos afterward, while we were coloring at home.


the roomie said...

Did you get blue nail polish?

TS said...

Ha! Nope, I went with a more conservative cranberry shade. Used to have the cuticles from h*ll, but no more!!