Monday, March 9, 2009

Caution--Old Ladies Shopping

DH was purchasing a pair of his favorite comfortable shoes at, and he asked, "Do you need anything?" "Uhhh . . . " I replied. "Oh," he said, "That's a foolish question, isn't it?"

Twenty minutes later, he called from the den to the computer room, "How many pairs of shoes are you ordering in there?" Actually, I only had two pair in the order, and I removed one of those, leaving only a fifty dollar purchase in the cart. It could have been worse!

Now, here's the thing. Steve Madden has a new line of shoes called Madden Girls. They're marketing these affordable, stylish shoes to young women. I think the idea is that you're supposed to wear them when you go out dancing. So, when I fell in love with this pair of peep-toes, I thought, "Well, this is like sneaking into Express when it's perfectly obvious that I'm too old to shop there. What am I doing buying shoes designed for young girls who like to party???"

I was in Ann Taylor Loft one day, along with two other customers who appeared to be about my age. I love the way their clothes fit me, and they're reasonably priced, but most of their spring collection seemed to consist of items with puffy little sleeves. I realize that Loft is targeting younger women, too, but haven't they noticed that we older ladies happen to shop there as well? It turned out that all three of us had been trying to find a simple white camisole in a size medium (there was only one left, and I was the lucky buyer). It was one of the few things in the store that didn't look like it was designed solely for twenty-year-olds.

Well, even though I'm breaking the rules, I think the Madden Girl shoes will be beautiful with jeans. Maybe one day the apparel people will figure out that older women like stylish bargains, too!


Anonymous said...

The rule about shoes is - - If they fit, they must have been made just for you. That's certainly my policy. P

the roomie said...

When we reached that "milestone" birthday, another friend and I made a pact that we would immediately pull out the cell phone and call the other if we ever felt remotely tempted to buy any clothing made by Koret or Alfred Dunner. We can add you to our support group.

TS said...

Anonymous--I like your thinking!!

Roomie--please let me know when and where the group meets . . .