Friday, September 5, 2008

The Patio Smells Like Dryer Sheets

DH was grilling some beef the other evening, and I walked outside a couple of times, thinking, what is that fragrance? The entire patio smells fresh, like . . . like . . . Bounce or something. I just couldn't identify the aroma, until I turned around and saw these giant yellow blooms, some as large as six inches in diameter, and I remembered having planted those Angel Trumpets.

The plants grew quickly--they're taller than I am now--but I forgot about them, except to mention to the kids that I read they were poisonous and that we need to watch the babies if they get near them. (Yes, I realize she's not really a baby anymore. I will get used to this eventually, about the time they turn forty.)

Now, the fragrance has gotten even stronger, and I am in love.

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