Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blue Strayed Shoes

A couple of months ago, Mommadrool got StickiBun Scotti a pair of blue clogs, and the boy loved those shoes. He wore them everywhere, and he would have worn them to bed if she hadn't taken them off his feet and put them away so he couldn't see them at nap time and bedtime.

Lately, he had taken to hiding them. The little shoes would disappear, only to be found in the bottom of a laundry hamper or in some other unlikely spot.

Last weekend, DH and I went up for a brief visit. We had SBS all to ourselves for a while, and we thought we'd take him to the store with us. He was shoeless, but when we looked for his favorite blue clogs, they were nowhere to be found. They weren't in their drawer, they weren't under the crib, and they weren't in his mom's room.

This was terribly sad, so we took him to buy more clogs--except we couldn't find any clogs in his size. Finally, at Wal-Mart, we stumbled upon some black Spiderman shoes, and his eyes lit up when we put them on his feet, so off we went with SBS wearing the new Spiderman shoes.

Back at SBS's house, he was proudly walking around in the new shoes when we noticed that his eyes weren't the only things that were lighting up. To the little man's delight, when he walked around, some festive red lights glowed on the shoes. DH, being a Real Man, had his misgivings, but the boy was quite taken with them. At first he'd stop walking to look down at the lights, and they would go out. It didn't take long for him to figure it out.

We'll miss the ubiquitous clogs, but SBS has moved on. The world is such a delightful place when viewed through the eyes of an 18-month old child.


MommaDrool said...

We finally found the blue crocs, but SBS has a new love in his life! He asks for those new shoes as soon as he wakes up every morning...and even asks to put them on with his pajamas after his bath at bedtime!

TS said...

Sweet boy! Can't wait to see y'all.