Saturday, September 20, 2008

House with No Name

DH: So, how come we're seeing you guys on a Friday night? Aren't you usually watching one of the indie films about now?
BevNev: Yes, but they held over the movie from last week, and we've already seen it.
TS: What's the name of the movie?
BevNev:Brideshead Revisited.
DH: Wasn't that the name of an old movie or something?
BevNev: First it was a book, and then a TV show, I think. Brideshead was the name of the family home.
TS: Oh, I'd love to live in a house that had a name, rather than an address. Wouldn't that be cool? If our house had a name, what would it be?
DH: OUThouse.
2-Joke-Limit: You could call it Wilbur, or Louise.
DH: What about Hathaway House?
TS: Sounds like Halfway House.
DH: Yeah, that's good--but make it Hathway House.
TS: Halfway House with a lisp.

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