Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boy Catches Kitty

Ever since he started to crawl, StickiBun Scotti has dreamed of getting his hands on a cat. He loves our Burmese kitties, but they have their doubts about him.

This may be due to the fact that often when he gets near one of them, he spontaneously emits an earsplitting squeal of delight that causes them to take off running in the opposite direction. He is just deliriously happy to be near them, and he has no idea of the fright that these sounds cause.

Nonetheless, while Niles is still pretty skittish around the boy, Frasier is warming up to him. He even rolled over for a belly rub when SBS was petting him the other day. SBS is very kind and gentle with the kitties, his excitement notwithstanding.

So, he's been walking for about six or seven months now, and he's picking up speed. The other day, he caught up with Frasier in the hall--I can only assume that Frasier let him win that round, because the cats are pretty quick. Coming up behind the pair with camera in hand, I snapped a photo that really illustrates the relationship between boy and kitty. He didn't put his weight down on him, but you can't tell that from the photo. Frasier was fine with it, although he did slink on out of the way shortly afterward.
SBS was squatting down to pet the kitty, and, well, the kitty was below him, so he kind of sat on him.

No animals were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

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