Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I've Learned About Tomato Gardening

1. PREVENT BLOSSOM END ROT: Be sure to apply lime 2 to 4 months before planting tomatoes.*

2. BE CAREFUL WITH CALCIUM CHLORIDE. If day temperatures are greater than 85 to 90 degrees F, calcium chloride can burn plants. Under high temperatures, use CALCIUM NITRATE. Spray 2 or 3 times each week, beginning when the second fruit clusters are blooming.*

3. REMOVE FRUITS THAT HAVE SEVERE BLOSSOM END ROT; otherwise the damaged area could serve as an entry point for disease-causing bacteria or fungi.*

4. Cherokee Purple seems to be extremely susceptible to BER. Do grow it—it’s worth it--but watch out for this next year. This may be why I’ve lost so much fruit—we didn’t know to take off the fruit that had severe BER.

5. (This one’s for blondes.) If you’ve just sprayed yourself with an insect repellant with DEET in it, don’t open your mouth, even if your DH wants to have a conversation with you right at that moment. The vapor is still hanging in the air, and it is truly disgusting.

*From http://www.aces.edu/ (Alabama Cooperative Extension Service); many thanks to The Roomie!


Us said...

Good Advice,

You also may want to use sparingly Calcium Nitrate.
Good for set and vigorous Fruit Growth

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TS said...

Thank you. It's kind of like football--there's always next year!