Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's an Action Picture

We are fortunate to have a world-class Shakespeare theater in our home town, but like many people who take their home town’s amenities for granted, we don’t attend often. DH just doesn’t like serious theater—he will go when the theater offers a musical, which we both enjoy, but not the serious stuff.

The other night, before the beginning of a violin recital, I optimistically broached the subject of an invitation we’d received.

TS: I forgot to tell you that CB e-mailed us about going to Shakespeare with them.
TS: So, what do you think?
DH: Just don't tell me about it.

I should have forewarned CB how to play this, but I didn’t. She talked to DH during intermission and reported back:

CB: I spoke to your DH, and he said that he's “not really a theater person.” Perhaps we should go to a movie instead.
TS: Oh, my goodness, that doesn't mean anything! You just have to ignore that and push on.
CB: Oh, I see. Well, the theater it is, then!

(After intermission:)

TS: So, I talked to CB. We're thinking about the Count of Monte Cristo.
DH: Just get the tickets.
TS: It's an action picture.
DH: Hmmph.

(After the recital, to CB and HO)
TS: Okay, we're on. See, this is a wonderful opportunity for us—I get to go to the theater, DH gets to complain—
HO: And everybody wins!

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