Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why They Talk So Much

We were driving the grands to our house for a weekend visit when we learned some eye-opening things about Grandpa and StickyBun.

SBS: I can't use iPods or iPads today.
DH: So, what did you do to get a time out from electronic devices?
SBS: Ahhh . . .
The Fred: I am staying out of this.
SBS: I was talking too much at school.
TF: Like, multiple days.
DH: Well, buddy, I understand. I almost got thrown out of Cub Scouts for talking too much.
TS: What? A story I've never actually heard?
DH: It's true. So, I understand. It's like you have something to say and you get so excited that you feel like you're going to burst if you don't say it. Do you guys want me to stop ralking? I've been talking a lot.
SBS: No, Grandpa. You've got wisdom.

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