Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Artichoke Incident

About twenty minutes before our outgoing Cello Fellow and his dad were due to arrive for dinner, I heard DH in the kitchen, going "Uh-oh." I don't like that sound. This particular "uh-oh" meant that there had been a sudden expulsion of artichoke remains from the garbage disposal.

DH: You know what I think I'm going to do?
TS: Go out to eat?
DH: No--get me a bucket.
TS: You don't remember the lettuce incident at our old house, do you?
DH: Nope. What happened?
TS: Pretty much the same thing as this, except with lettuce.
DH: Guess I didn't remember.

(Later . . . )

DH: Well, it's not a major catastrophe.
TS: Nope--it doesn't even look like one of those. And we should know.
DH: Oh, no--you know what? We may not be able to run the dishwasher.
TS: What would happen if we did?
DH: Well, you might get water spewing out into the kitchen in the middle of the cycle, and you wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.
TS: That sounds familiar. Let's not do that.
DH: Do you want to call Harry the Plumber?
TS: Absolutely.
DH: Do you have his number?
TS: In my cell phone.

(Guests arrive . . . then we call the plumber)

Harry the Plumber: Hello?
TS: Hi! Haven't seen you in a couple of days . . .
HtP: I know.
TS: DH stuffed some artichoke parts down the disposal.
HtP: Ohhhh . . .
TS: He says we had a problem and he accelerated it.
HtP: How does it smell?
TS: Not bad at all--we've had worse.
HtP: It'll be in the morning.
TS: Thanks.

(Later, to Cello Fellow:)

TS: You know what happens when your PS3 people send you a software update?
CF: Nothing good?
TS: It freezes up.
CF: Have you done a reset?
TS: Turned it off twice. I'm gonna leave it off now.
CF: What did he say?
TS: Haven't told him yet. I think the time for that is after dinner.

(Later, during dinner:)

TS: Oh--you know what, sweetie? You know how they say bad luck comes in threes? Counting the refrigerator, we're there.
DH: The refrigerator, the sink, and what else?
TS: Oops. Well, we can save that for later. Anybody want ice cream?

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