Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gulf Beach Blog

Those of us who live near the Gulf and who love its pristine beaches and fresh seafood are sad and frustrated right now. It's difficult to watch the oil disaster unfold and to know that you're completely powerless to help.

I took this photo during our visit to Destin in May 2009. Destin is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world--I don't know why. Maybe it's a combination of many fond memories and the sheer beauty of the aquamarine water. Give me a good book and plant me on that sugary white sand, and I'm a happy woman.

The Fred was the subject of one of my favorite memories from that trip. She was not a seasoned beachgoer at the time. When a rather chilly wave washed up over her little feet, she screamed and took off, running for her life from the apparent treachery of the ocean. Parents have to be quick, as it turns out. By the time Mommadrool caught up with The Fred, she was halfway to the beach road.

As for feeling powerless, although I've been researching charities and wildlife organizations on the Web, I haven't found an organization that is accepting donations solely for the Gulf coast; nor did I see any groups soliciting volunteers at this time.

About the only advice I can give to those who want to help is this: If you had previously scheduled a trip to the beach and are considering canceling, call your hotel first! Your destination may still be the unbelievably stunning place it was before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Some vacation destinations are offering sizeable discounts. Seascape has posted a new Vacation Guarantee Reservation Policy, and it only takes a few seconds to check for updates on current beach conditions.

And if you haven't scheduled a trip to our gorgeous Gulf beaches, why not be spontaneous and plan one now? Be sure to take a good book with you.

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