Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Simple Trellis

When Pappy was about 19, he and a friend built two garden features for us--a big, beautiful koi pond with a pair of waterfalls, and a semicircular flower bed. We love to spend time reading and talking on our covered patio by the pond, often taking a staycation there. That place is good for the spirit.

Conversely, the flower bed has gone through some changes, but we never really sat down and designed the space. Years ago, a lady who spoke at our local Rose Society helped me dream up a plan for it, but things always got in the way, and I never followed through.

A few months ago, I decided this was the year to start, and I think part of the impetus was Pappy's son, Little Man.

DH and I have endured so many renovation projects that we can pretty much put up with anything, but as I've watched Little Man grow into the mature and discriminating three-year-old that he is today, I've come to realize that his standards are higher than ours. Not one more summer do I want to watch him playing in the pool while behind it is a weed patch just waiting for its next hit of RoundUp.

So, I purchased seven old garden roses--climbers--to begin phase one, the backdrop, of the flower bed. "All you have to do is drill some holes," I assured DH, as the vision developed in my mind.

Well, I thought that was all he'd have to do. And, after a design change, there were no holes to drill. There were, however, eight 4 x 4's and a bunch of metal stakes, and DH and a friend spent a few hours working and sweating yesterday to get the posts installed and make sure that everything was plumb and level.

DH took it pretty well. Even though he doesn't like to admit it, he loves me. I took some water to the guys mid-morning and asked the friend, "How long did it take for him to start cursing?" "Not long," he replied.

He's relaxing today, and I really appreciate all the effort. One day soon, the trellis will be covered with seven antique roses, and we'll start saving money on RoundUp!

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