Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Still So Stupid

DH is assembling a couple of wood utility carts for the office, and he was complaining about a misstep in which he temporarily placed something backwards.

DH: Oh, stupid me.
TS: Don't say that, Grandpa.
DH: I'm so stupid.
TS: Sweetie, according to Every Word Has Power, when you say that, you're actually programming your unconscious mind to believe that you're stupid.
DH: No--actually, I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm stupid.
TS: Use a different phrasing, like "I could have done that better."
DH: OMG--I wish you'd quit reading these books. It's a bunch of claptrap.
TS: No, it's not! I think it's based on Jungian psychology. Ever heard of Jung?
DH: I used to BE . . . uh-oh--there I go again. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
TS: If only you could approve of your selves . . . .

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