Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Bird on the Roof

The other night, I ran into a neighbor who related that a mutual friend and neighbor of ours, Rooty-Tooty, along with her husband, Mr. Fix-it, had spotted a peacock on her roof. I replied, "And had she been having a cocktail?" "No," said JanenJim, "She insists she had not!"

I'll let our friend Rooty-Tooty tell the tale:

TS, now we both can claim feathered aviators resting atop our rooftops! Mine is about the size of yours, a tad smaller, legs not as long as your heron, and definitely not in search of fish food. Ours is a female peacock.

Two young men came walking up the driveway yesterday, one with a very large net in his hand, and asked if they could go through our backyard gate to look for a bird in the wooded area behind us. They had gotten a lead from someone in the neighborhood that a peacock was hanging around back there. (A neighbor had told us that a pheasant had been in our yard while we were at the lake.) He was about to give Mr. Fix-it a business card, when he turned around and spotted his prey on our garage roof.

Muffin the chow dog, our backyard boarder, had spotted her also. She barked and held Miss Peacock's attention while one of the young men went up on the roof with the net. The other young man on the ground whistled pleasant notes of distraction also. Ray and I just watched in amazement at the goings-on. The roof man tiptoed over the rooftop and trapped Miss Peacock with one slam of the net (he had obviously done this before). He carried her upside down by her feet, and when he released her from the net, you could appreciate the size of her.

Miss Peacock comes from a nearby neighborhood, where she lives in a large yard with donkeys, goats, etc. She had escaped from her pen a week ago, and she's been enjoying our neighborhood and her apparent freedom. Several people have seen her and thought she was a pheasant, because she has none of the beautiful colors of the male peacock. The two young men are caretakers/yardmen for the owners of this menagerie of animals.

I'm glad I have pictures to send you so you can see that it was not the martini's verbalizing a one up-manship on your Heron!

Feathered friends sticking together!

Well, Rooty-Tooty, I think we've both been outdone by Bill Rattray of Buckley, Washington:

Bill Rattray has a pet he never wanted. But it seems the pet has found an owner it wants.

"And I look out the window and it was an emu sitting in my backyard," said Rattray. "It's kind of the oddest thing to happen. I was thinking, 'They don't fly or nothing so how did it get in my backyard?'"

Rattray closed his yard gate and called animal control. But he was told animal control officers don't deal with emus.

Rattray is now trying to find out whether the bird had a previous owner. If so, he says, he'd love to reconnect the bird with its rightful owner.

"Obviously, if you're missing an emu, you're going to know it's missing," he said.


the roomie said...

Herons, and peacocks, and emus--oh, my!

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind. . we've shared these stories with lots of friends. What fun to discuss all the details! . . but we have to swear that you wouldn't just 'make this up'.

TS said...

Hey, roomie! Now, this is odd, but something about the way you commented a la Wizard of Oz reminded me of our time in Mr. Moss's chemistry class. I wonder why that is?

TS said...

Hi, P & C! Feel free to share. I guess it does sound ridiculous, doesn't it? But, yes, I believe it really happened. Either that or Rooty-Tooty secretly Photoshopped that peacock picture!

the roomie said...

You remembered!