Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zucchini Again

We ate out three meals a day while on our mini-vacation, and the scale showed it, so I’m trying to do better and take off the couple of pounds I gained in the Berkshires. (In Lenox one morning, a friend walked past my table in the dining room, glanced down at my plate, and commented, "Hearty breakfast.")

Back at home the other night, I went a little crazy and cooked a meatless meal. It had tricolor whole-wheat macaroni, cottage cheese and wonderful freshly grated Romano cheese, along with stewed tomatoes, onion, garlic, oregano and—you guessed it—zucchini.

We had had a week-long discussion about this meal—NO MEAT? ZUCCHINI?-- and I finally convinced DH that I could keep the zucchini in and he could easily dig it out. It’s not as if I hadn’t seen him do this before.

Well, he was pretty grumpy that evening. I loved the meal, and eating like that helps me keep my weight under control, but it plunged DH into a mild case of depression for the remainder of the evening. He finally decided that the only thing that would cheer him up would be a trip to Dairy Queen. He got one of those decadent waffle things and I ate half of a small Blizzard, hoping not to derail myself too far off my sensible eating program.

I enjoyed DQ, but let me tell you something—it is very, very difficult to throw away half of a Blizzard.


the roomie said...

How about a compromise--zucchini ice cream?

TS said...

Ewww! Sounds like a dish I'd see on that Iron Chef show . . .