Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catfish on the Runway

Tropical Storm Fay is wreaking havoc with people’s Florida travel plans. Some travelers looking forward to trips to the beach cancelled plans rather than risk a chance of heavy rains or just a messy, windy weekend.

Air travelers faced flight cancellations and delays for a variety of reasons, including 1-2 feet of rain in some locations:

“Four catfish kept a Delta Air Lines flight from landing on time at Melbourne International Airport on Wednesday, CNN affiliate WFTV reported. The walking catfish, which use their pectoral fins to move and can stay out of water for some time, were on the runway and airport crews had to move them before the plane could land.

'Besides the catfish, crews also encountered two gopher tortoises, a blue indigo snake and an alligator, WFTV reported.”

Oh, and speaking of the media--have you ever watched the Weather Channel? I had occasion to see it off and on yesterday, and they have this new program, People Talking About the Weather. Well, I don't really know what they call it, but it's like a talk show where people discuss the most controversial and thought-provoking weather issues. Also, they show clips of Weather Channel reporters being blown about by unruly weather.

Now, I really like that part. One day I'd like to do a little video of a friend in one of those blue jackets holding onto a tree and being upended by a storm.

Just an odd fact about me.

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the roomie said...

Wonder if those reporters get hazardous duty pay? My personal favorite is when they stand out in the storm and show pictures of the sharp metal objects flying around them.