Friday, July 18, 2008

You're Fired

Today is our day off, and since I had gotten up at 6 AM every day last weekend, I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit. The carpet cleaners were coming at 8:00 AM, DH had a haircut scheduled for 9:00 AM, and I had to deliver a project to a client after we got back home, so it was a busy morning. DH said he’d get me up at 7:45.

I was wading through a rather perplexing dream when I awoke to a single “meow” right in my ear. (One of the kitties usually acts as an alarm at times like this. They’re soft-spoken, they don’t say much, and they keep it right to the point.)

After I downed some coffee, I dashed into the shower. Over the sound of the water running, I heard DH’s voice: “I’m going to tell you this now while you can’t hit me.” “What?” I replied. “I accidentally got you up at 6:45 instead of 7:45.”

“You’re fired.”

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