Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

My FIL is a wonderful man! He is really good at making a person feel loved and appreciated in the most unique way—he actually tells you! As a person who has trouble expressing such feelings, I really admire that.

JV and my MIL like to stay sharp and keep learning new things by attending Elderhostels, educational travel events for those 55 and over.

A few years ago, the couple were attending an Elderhostel designed to increase your memory skills. At the closing session, each participant stood and said a few words, or told a story, or whatever they wanted to do. JV, an accomplished storyteller, stood and began to tell a joke. However, when he reached the punch line, it flew out of his memory and he was unable to retrieve it! This resulted in a funny, ironic tale from the memory convention.

These days, as DH and I have just about decided the reason you have a spouse is because it takes two of you to make a whole mind, I can really relate to that. Truth be told, it’s probably the reason I don’t tell jokes. I’m not really sure that either of us could make a complete sentence anymore without the other one there to drop in the words the speaking spouse can’t remember.

So, JV, as Bill Clinton would say, “I feel your pain.”

We hope you have a terrific Father’s Day, and we hope the package arrives on Saturday.

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