Monday, March 3, 2008

The New Haircut

One day last week, I arrived home in the afternoon; DH was already there. He glanced at me and said, "Your lipstick's too dark." "What?" I replied. I walked over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. "It's not dark."

"Well, then, I don't like that color lipstick on you," he added. It was going to be one of those evenings.

I offered creatively, "It's the new haircut—I just look funny today." DH responded, "Now that you mention it, I don't like the haircut either. It makes you look older."

As we say in the South, them's fightin' words.


"You are in SO much trouble!" I continued. "I always look funny the day of a new haircut, especially when he cuts a lot off. The way a haircut looks on the first day is totally irrelevant. I don't even CARE how it looks the first day."

"Whatever you say."

"You are seriously ticking me off. Cut it out!"

Now, we need to be balanced here (since DH reads these blogs). And in his defense, he was cooking dinner at the time. For people who cook me dinner, I can forgive a multitude of sins. Maybe DH knows that.

Also, he was coming down with a cold and was just in an all-around funk.

Nonetheless, a word of advice to you other DH's out there—if you want to start a fight, look at your wife and tell her that her lipstick is ugly and her haircut makes her look older.

Hopefully, they will all be as understanding as I am.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Well, at least DH noticed the lipstick. Some DH's wouldn't notice if you have lipstick on, much less if it's too dark or not. Sometimes, you can't win for losing.

Phyllis said...

I understand. I'm having lipstick problems these days. I just can't get the right lipstick. Tell DH it's not easy having to wear lipstick.

"MommaDrool" said...

Them's definitely fightin' words!