Saturday, February 9, 2008

Party Now--Before Everybody Dies

The other day, I arrived home to find a phone message announcing that my high school senior class is having a reunion in a few weeks.

It's funny—a few years back, I got a phone call about a junior high school reunion, which seemed unusual, but my reaction to that phone message was a little different. I thought to myself, "I hated junior high school. I was absolutely miserable back then. Why in the world would I want to revisit that?" (Recently, I heard a guy from my junior high school class hawking something on the radio, and I told DH, "That guy called me a 'dog' in front of the whole class. Being a terribly shy pre-adolescent, I was mortified at the time." DH said, "Oh, that meant that he had a crush on you." "Eh?" DH has really enlightened me regarding the mysteries of the male mind.)

At any rate, when I got this message today, I thought, "Well, this might be fun! Maybe I'd find out what happened to my college roommate, and the brainiacs, and the cheerleaders and the senior class president . . . I think I'll go." I must be in a better place.

Plus, they're having a buffet.

After talking to one of the reunion organizers, I told DH, "She said that a bunch of them decided they'd better have a reunion pretty soon, because so many of us are dying." "That's not encouraging," replied DH.

"Don't worry about bringing your spouse, " my old classmate added. "There will be plenty of people there without spouses. I brought mine one year and I spent the whole night introducing him and explaining who he was, and I didn't have enough time to visit. Of course, we're going through a divorce now."

DH said he'll go, because in case we, too, wind up divorced, he can look for his next wife there.


Jihye Chang said...

Wow your graduation picture looks amazing! I think it's the best I have seen. (usually people look kinda funny in their yearbooks...) And Robert is probably right that the classmate of yours had a crush on you. ;-)

TS said...

That was as good as it got--it's all been downhill from there! ;)

"MommaDrool" said...

You look just like Gwyneth Paltrow!