Monday, September 19, 2011

Too Much Chocolate

I took the grands to school today, and there were only two things that went wrong. Well, three if you count my dream that I had a wreck in the school parking lot–but that was just a dream.

First, Little Man (who was really good today) said I put too much chocolate in his breakfast shake (I used exactly one packet). This from the 4-year-old who, by Pappy's account, dragged a stool into the kitchen, got down the chocolate powder and was discovered sitting at the table eating it with the scooper. And I still recall the time he conned me into putting double the requisite number of scoops in his chocolate milk. He's just so darned cute when he's misleading you like that.

Too much chocolate?? How is that even possible? It's a world turned upside down.

And, second, I wasn't sure of the proper first-grade etiquette (do they not want public displays of affection, or does that come later), and I accidentally let The Fred (she is so independent, and so helpful) enter her school sans hugs and kisses.

I'll fix that later.


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